• “The most helpful business meetings I have attended in years”

    — Timothy Tu, Founder, Ojolie.com

  • “This is the way you wished every entrepreneur conversation happened. It's focused, creative, and it goes down to the issues at the core”

    — Ed Roquette, Founder & CEO, CityVolt

  • “Being in a room with just founders is very powerful”

    — Rajiv Trehan, Co-founder, SmoothWeb

  • “The most productive three hours each month for any entrepreneur”

    — Todd Porter, Co-Founder, TEDxTokyo

  • “It's totally different from a conference or a networking party”

    — Sonoe Azuma, Founder, Unagi Travel

  • “This is a space where entrepreneurs see new light by asking brutal questions, giving honest answers, and sharing resources”

    — Ping Chu, Founder, 肯夢 AVEDA

  • “Meaningful for entrepreneurs at every stage to get unique insights, which are hard to come by from your daily work or from casual meet-ups”

    — Yushi Katayama, Founder, Shintoyo Enterprises

  • “The collective experience and wisdom of the group is simply amazing”

    — Shun-Yun Hu, Co-Founder, Imonology.com

  • “An ideal opportunity to share views, experiences, thoughts on how to tackle many obstacles entrepreneurs encounter”

    — Kaz Ohmae, President, Crowd Securities Japan, Inc.

  • “Everyone in the group always gives a hand to provide the best advice, solutions, resources to help founders achieve the biggest business challenges”

    — Bruce Ou, CEO, KeepWell Digital Technology Ltd.

  • “Many of us learn how to run a business as we build one. This makes other founders the best people to ask for advice and ideas. Founder Squad is awesome”

    — Jodi Chen, CEO, Easy Storage

  • “Good mix of people at different entrepreneurial stages. This makes the discussions varied and worthwhile”

    — Martin van der Linden, Founder, VanderArchitecture

  • “Other founders, experienced or new, help to think how to deal with our own issues”

    — Takeshi Hakamada, Founder & CEO, iSpace, Inc.

  • “Greatest meetings I have participated in a long time! Lots of exchange of ideas, smart viewpoints, awesome people and expert guidance”

    — Lain Satrustegui, Founder, Made In Architects

  • “Some experiences and issues that are discussed would probably cost a king's ransom in fee to obtain”

    — Rajiv Trehan, Co-founder, SmoothWeb

  • “The invited members give very dynamic considerations about the issues addressed”

    — Even Chung, Founder, Patisco.com

  • “Founder Squad is the spa-and-massage for the entrepreneurial mind”

    — Clas Sivertsen, VP, American Megatrends & Founder, Digbil

  • “It is amazing to have the focused attention of experienced fellow entrepreneurs helping you address your business challenges”

    — Jake Morrison, Founder, Cogini

  • “The visions discussed in terms of prioritizing and go-to-market strategies are the stuff no founder can afford to miss”

    — Ed Roquette, Founder & CEO, CityVolt

  • “This is a great way to diagnose our problems and to improve our business direction and process”

    — Even Chung, Founder, Patisco.com

  • “Members listen to our issues and give us the best suggestions they can. Really helpful meetings!”

    — George Chiu, CEO, Justaple.com

  • “A great way to connect with other entrepreneurs and share our experiences”

    — Jodi Chen, Founder & CEO, Easy Storage

  • “A rare space to stretch your business skills and broader your perspective with like-minded individuals”

    — Ron Molenda, CEO, Abby Rose

  • “A real feeling of empowerment and trust. A regular resource for reflection, experience, and knowledge”

    — Rajiv Trehan, Co-founder, SmoothWeb

  • “Founder Squad is creating a Silicon Valley business spirit with actual humanity”

    — Bruce Ou, CEO, KeepWell Digital Technology Ltd.

  • “A Squad Leader listens to everyone, and whenever necessary delivers an all important nudge to help push the conversation in the right direction”

    — Ed Roquette, Founder & CEO, CityVolt

  • “Founder Squad taps into the unselfish gene in all of us”

    — Ping Chu, Founder, 肯夢 AVEDA

It Takes One to Know One.

Running a business is tremendously challenging. All successful entrepreneurs surround themselves with exceptional professionals to help them accomplish their vision.

We believe the most qualified people to help founders, are other founders. Only entrepreneurs can understand, relate to, and fully help other entrepreneurs.

Peer Support.

The way Founder Squad members get the best, real-world, peer support is by being in a safe, structured, understanding, non-biased, non-judgmental environment, free of any conflict of interest.

From marketing to sales, from financing to recruiting, from business-development to legal issues... Members of Founder Squad help each other deal with the most challenging situations they encounter as they run their businesses.

Structured Meetings.

We hold structured meetings every month. Each meeting is facilitated by a Squad Leader, and gathers up to 15 people at a time in order to keep the discussions personalized, confidential and productive.

Each member comes with their most challenging questions to be tackled by the rest of the group. We dig to the root of every question. We address ambitious goals and objectives, and we also address difficult problems.

We take turns. By the end of each meeting, everyone got helped by everyone else.

100% Founders, No Exception.

All Founder Squad members are all active entrepreneurs who believe that peer-sharing is a key to lasting success. There aren't any investor, accountant, lawyer, or other service providers that would otherwise affect the sensitivity of the discussions and create potential conflicts of interest.

Diversity breeds strength. Collectively, Founder Squad members run companies of all sizes in all major industries: from startups to established corporations.

Senior founders bring unparalleled wisdom and experience. Junior founders bring invaluable out-of-the-box thinking, energy, and creativity.

Global Network. Global Success.

Meetings take place in professional, full-equipped conference rooms. Currently, Founder Squad holds meetings in:

• San Francisco
• Paris
• Barcelona
• Tokyo
• Taipei
• Taichung
• Bali
• Singapore

Over 50 more cities worldwide are currently being opened.

Venue Sponsors
Our key partners.

Founder Squad wouldn't exist without the generosity of these outstanding organizations that share with us their professional offices:

Not for the faint of heart.

All Founder Squad members are screened for their exceptional level of integrity, creativity, courage, and intention to positively change the world. If you would like to join us, you may apply here.


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